InstallBuilder 19.3.0 Available!

Version 19.3.0 comes with many improvements, an important one being the new <validatedActionGroup> action which allows you to validate a group of actions and display a configurable abort-retry dialog if an error occurs. This can be useful for example when running your application as a postInstallation action:

            <text>The application failed to launch. Do you want to retry?</text>

Additionally we have added support for Java launchers changing the working directory to the launcher’s directory before proceeding with launching the application by enabling the new <useLauncherDirectoryAsWorkingDirectory> property, as well as support for Windows Server 2019.

Here is the full list of changes:

  • New <validatedActionGroup> action
  • Added <useLauncherDirectoryAsWorkingDirectory> to Java launchers to allow preserving the current working directory on execution
  • Added Windows Server 2019 support
  • Improved documentation
  • Updated zlib dependency on Linux and Windows
  • Fixed macOS installers always exiting with zero code when enabling <requireInstallationByRootUser>
  • Fixed some Builder popups not kept on top when running on macOS
  • Fixed installers aborting at startup on some solaris and linux-ia64 environments
  • Fixed macOS installers incorrectly wrapping text on some languages
  • Fixed custom <uninstallerDirectory> not being removed on macOS
  • Fixed outdated welcome screen
  • Fixed <findFile> returning malformed results when invoked in the installer_directory 


InstallBuilder 19.2.0 Released

The recently released 19.2.0 version of InstallBuilder includes an important fix for installers relying on payload encryption. This is an optional feature that enables the password-protection of installers, prompting the end-user for a password at launch time, before allowing the installation to continue. Devcore - a security consulting company - discovered that by using system debugging tools, it was possible to have access to this password, in turn making it possible to bypass this check. Most InstallBuilder customers don’t use this functionality, and it is disabled by default as most application developers implement password control in their own apps. However, if you do use this functionality, it is important that you please update to this latest version that fixes the issue.


InstallBuilder 19.1.0 Available Now

For January our engineers have been working on the following improvements:


OpenJDK 11 available for download now

BitRock InstallBuilder provides an easy way to embed Java runtime along with your application so that installation of JRE is not required. In order to make the process simple, BitRock is providing a ready to use Java binaries - JRE or JDK - that can be included along with your application.

As you might know, starting with Java 11, Oracle has shifted from a feature-driven release model to a time-driven “train” model and will from now on provide two binary distributions of the JDK. The first, commercial Oracle JDK will be delivered under the Oracle Binary Code License Agreement for Java SE, and will have Long Term support (3 years) while the second distribution is built directly from the OpenJDK source code, will be released under the less restrictive GPLv2 license with classpath exception (CPE) and will only receive updates for six months, until the release of the next JDK version.

Due to those changes in the licensing and the feature parity between both distributions, from now on our InstallBuilder Java components will be based on OpenJDK, starting with OpenJDK 11 which is available for download now.

The list of supported platforms will also change. Starting with Java 11, only 64-bit versions of Java are available and will only be supported on Windows, macOS and Linux.

We will continue to update our Java components with each new OpenJDK release every six months and will make OpenJDK 8 available for download as well when a newer version of Java 8 is released. Java 8 will be supported only as 64-bit binaries, for Windows and Linux operating systems.

BitRock has been providing Java bundles for InstallBuilder since 2011. We will continue providing the same ready to use bundles in 2019 and beyond. The only change is that the Java bundles will now be using OpenJDK builds - which implies licensing changes and may cause slight incompatibilities for applications depending on Java’s internals.

Starting with Java 11 The JavaFX library will no longer be included but needs to be added as a separate module. We have prepared a tutorial to show how this can be done.

InstallBuilder 18.12.0 Released

We recently released version 18.12.0 of BitRock InstallBuilder. The new release features the following improvements:

  • Reduced memory usage building and running big project installers
  • Fixed license page text not properly wrapping in some macOS scenarios when running in Qt mode
  • Updated documentation to include new Java 11 bundles
  • Fixed "InstallLocation" Windows registry value being improperly quoted