InstallBuilder 18.5 now available!

The latest official release comes with the following improvements and bug fixes.

As you might know Apple plans to discontinue support for 32 bit apps and is actively warning users of the impending change, with a warning message notifying the user that the app will eventually not be compatible with the operating system unless it is updated.

Support for 64-bit installers has already been added in the previous release, InstallBuilder version 18.4. In this release we have been focused on fixing issues related to this new architecture.

  • Fixed "osxsigner" external tool not signing the osx-x86_64 runtime when using native mode
  • Fixed Abort/Retry/Ignore dialog buttons in qt mode when using the osx-x86_64 runtime
  • Fixed error showing the uninstallation finished popup in osx mode when disabling uninstallation confirmation in the osx-x86_64 runtime
  • Fixed "setuid is not allowed" error on macOS when using unattended mode with minimal UI
  • Fixed crash occurring in some scenarios when using qt mode with the osx-x86_64 runtime at initialization time

In addition to that, InstallBuilder 18.5 also adds support for Java 10 version detection.


InstallBuilder 18.4.0 Released

InstallBuilder 18.4.0 is now available, it contains the following improvements:

  • Support generating 64-bit binaries on macOS
  • Added initial retina display support for OS X mode when using the 64-bit runtime
  • Fixed final page checkboxes alignment in "osx" and "xwindow" modes


InstallBuilder 18.3.0 Released

InstallBuilder 18.3.0 is now available, it contains the following improvements:

  • Fixed DMG background image not being properly configured in some environments
  • Fixed HTML license text encoding handling in win32 and osx installation modes


InstallBuilder 18 now available!

We have released the first update of 2018, containing the following improvements and bug-fixes.

  • Allow <preShowHelpActionList> to modify which parameters/components will be displayed in the help menu
  • Fixed <kill> action not working with 64-bit binaries on Windows
  • Improved horizontal parameter group layout in gtk mode
  • Improved <linkParameter> look and feel in osx and win32 modes when displayed inside parameter groups