InstallBuilder Version Update and New Community Platform

Now you're speaking my language

Supporting your users' primary languages is important; it helps ensure that the widest variety of people around the world can start with a good first impression of your software. With this in mind, we have been focused on improvements to the translations in InstallBuilder for multiple languages. This month's version update saw improvements to error messages and warnings in German, Spanish, and Russian (Cyrillic). To learn more about language translations in InstallBuilder, check out our documentation.

New community pages

We are excited about our new InstallBuilder community forums, powered by Zendesk. We were in need of a modern, easy-to-use platform to power our Q&A page. Since we had such a good experience transitioning our help desk to Zendesk, we decided to use their forum solution as well. Existing questions and answers were successfully  migrated to the new platform, and active users were notified to create a new password for their accounts in order to stay current. If you have any questions about InstallBuilder that are not covered in the documentation, or are simply stuck, you can ask a new question or browse through the wealth of existing topics that might help!


InstallBuilder 17.2.0 and 17.3.0 Releases

We have been hard at work planning some significant changes for InstallBuilder in 2017 that will be announced around the end of Q2. In the meantime, our team has made some improvements to the software in the latest two releases that are focused around minor improvements and bug fixes, and documentation updates.

In February's 17.2.0 release, we made these updates:
  • Improved language translations
  • Improved Ubuntu OS detection on initialization
  • Updated documentation to reflect changes made in recent updates
  • Improved syncdebugtrace log generation for troubleshooting
  • Fixed unzip action failing to uncompress files in certain scenarios
  • Fixed AutoUpdate not properly detecting versions when using large version IDs
March's 17.3.0 release saw the following changes:
  • Fixed builder GUI issues when modifying <httpPost> actions
  • Minor fix on Italian translations
Look out for continued improvements coming in April, and be sure you are using the latest version of InstallBuilder and InstallBuilder for Qt!


InstallBulder 17 now available!

BitRock has released 2017's first new update, with a number of incremental improvements and bug-fixes for 17.1.0. Of particular note is that we added support for Windows Server 2016, so make sure that you get the update if you would like your installers to support that platform natively.

Other improvements include:

  • You can now send data payloads in <httpPost> action, which is helpful in a number of use-cases such as registering new installations with your licensing server or resetting a password. Check the documentation for more details.
  • We improved how errors are handled on Linux when fonts are misconfigured or unsupported by the system.
  • Having discovered that the <runAsShell> property for the <runProgram> action was incompatible with Solaris, we disabled it for that operating system.
  • We fixed DMG verification errors that were triggered in some macOS environments. 
We will continue our pattern of rolling out monthly updates throughout 2017 as we execute on the feedback we received in our 2016 user survey and interviews. Make sure you are using the latest version of InstallBuilder or InstallBuilder for Qt today!