Check Out Our Improved Support System and Monthly InstallBuilder Version Update

We have been doing a lot of planning to make InstallBuilder even better over the next few months. One thing we identified that would make a difference right away is improving our help desk system. We are happy to announce that, along with our newest monthly InstallBuilder release, we have deployed a new helpdesk system powered by Zendesk that will significantly enhance the user support experience.

With the new system, InstallBuilder customers have an easier path to opening support tickets and keeping them up-to-date. You can now easily comment on or update tickets through both the Zendesk portal and through email. This new system also makes attaching files and screenshots very intuitive- you can attach them to your email or upload them through the portal to have them added to your ticket.

We are excited that this investment in our support infrastructure will make your interactions with our team even more streamlined and efficient than ever!

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You can continue using the support[at]bitrock.com email address to reach our dedicated support team. An email to that address will automatically generate a new ticket. You might notice slight changes to the look of our support emails, which are a result of the improved system.

If you have already emailed our support, you already have an account- simply navigate to the login screen at support.bitrock.com and click "Get a password."

Have you tried out the new system? We would love to hear from you - feel free to comment on this post or email our support team with your feedback.

New in InstallBuilder Version 16.10.0
This month's release is focused on bug-fixes and a workaround to secure a DLL-hijacking vulnerability in the Windows operating system. This vulnerability is only secured in installers packaged with the latest version of InstallBuilder, so make sure you are up to date!

Other improvements in InstallBuilder 16.10.0 include the following:
  • Fixed issue when centering a non-progress dialog windows in Win32, XWindow and OSX modes
  • Fixed <licenseParameter> when used inside a <parameterGroup> in Qt mode
  • Improved log file localisation on Windows
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Now Available: InstallBuilder 16.9.0

Our latest monthly build of InstallBuilder has been released! For September, the InstallBuilder engineering team focused on improving to the look and feel of the application user interface and fixing a couple minor bugs. As always, be sure and get the latest version of InstallBuilder or InstallBuilder for QT to ensure that you can take advantage of these improvements.

Here is a summary of the changes made for September:
  • Improved the UI responsiveness when running long action lists
  • Improved uninstaller creation process, preventing error messages in Windows when users attempt to cancel installation while the uninstaller setup is in progress
  • Fixed pop-ups centering when running in multi-monitor setups
  • Fixed <addScheduledTask> action not properly interpreting the <executionTimeLimit> attribute
  • Fixed issue in macOS with AutoUpdate temporary download naming dropping the .app suffix
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New InstallBuilder Version 16.8.0 Released

BitRock's engineering team has just released the latest monthly update to InstallBuilder, Version 16.8.0!

Beginning with OS X version 10.8, Apple made it mandatory that your Mac installers be signed using a valid signing certificate. InstallBuilder makes it easy to integrate your certificate into the build process for both new and existing installers. This feature just got better, with support for PKCS12 files with the osxsigner tool for existing installers. To use this feature, simply execute the following:

/path/to/your/IB/installation/tools/code-signing/osxsigner --pkcs12 /path/to/your/pkcs12.file /path/to/your/installer.app

Other improvements for version 16.8.0 include the following bugfixes:

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InstallBuilder 16.7.0 now available

Our latest version update for InstallBuilder is now available. For those of you wanting support for Mac OS X 10.12 (Sierra), we have good news- it is now supported!

In this update, we also improved detection of existing .NET installations, to include .NET framework 4.6. When your application is being installed, you can have it automatically create variables that correspond to the correct version. For example, if you wanted to check for .NET framework versions 2.0 to 4.6, you could use the <autodetectDotNetFramework> action:


This version also includes the following bug fixes:


InstallBuilder 16.6.0 Released

We recently released version 16.6.0 of BitRock InstallBuilder. The new release features the following improvements:
  • Improved Windows signing methods to allow nesting multiple signatures
  • Improved final page check boxes by making their labels clickable
  • Improved error reporting when failing to pack non readable files
  • Fixed build error on Windows if any of the version components include a leading 0 followed by another digit
  • Fixed some strings not being localized in the Autoupdate
  • Fixed folder ownership issue in certain scenarios
  • Fixed dialogs not being shown in unattended graphical mode when using 32bit installer on 64 Linux systems
  • Fixed Java launchers failing to print to console in certain Windows environments


InstallBuilder 16.4.0 Released

We are excited to announce the release of the latest version of InstallBuilder, available now! In addition to a couple bug fixes, this version includes a new feature to make an initial system validation before starting the auto-update process.

To use this feature, we added a new <autoUpdateInitializationActionList> element that can perform a desired action once an update installer has started. Here's an example:

    <text>Another instance is running. This instance will abort</text>
      <singleInstanceCheck logic="is_running" />


In this example, the element checks whether another instance is running using the <singleInstanceCheck> rule and throws an error if it finds one. You can use this element for any number of actions you want to run during the auto-update process.

Here are the other changes for this new version:
  • Fixed <runProgram> failing in some Windows scenarios at build time when invoked from builder-cli
  • Fixed OK button not being properly localized in <showChoiceQuestion> dialog when running in gtk mode
  • Properly set a default value for the <units> property of the <getDiskUsage> action
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InstallBuilder 16.3.0 Released.

We recently released version 16.3.0 of BitRock InstallBuilder. This version is primarily focused on bug-fixes and enhancements to existing features. However, there is one new time-saving addition that we are excited to announce!

Users are now able to query WMI natively within InstallBuilder. Here's an example of how that works:

.List all Windows processes that have MyApp in the executable path using WMI
            <where>ExecutablePath LIKE '%MyApp%'</where>
            <variables>result_pid result_path</variables>
                    <text>Found process: ${result_path} as ${result_pid}</text>

This will allow multiple services with the same base name to be created in cases, for example, when multiple applications are based on the same framework that runs as a service. If you have any feedback or questions on this new feature, please feel free to let us know in our forums.

The new release also features the following improvements:
  • New <osxApplicationBundleName> and <osxApplicationBundleVersion> properties for Java launchers
  • Improved <infoParameter> look and feel when used inside a <parameterGroup> in Qt mode
  • Improved performance of uninstallation and unpacking process in upgrade mode
  • Options files are now also picked up from the same directory containing the .app bundle on OS X
  • Fixed icons not working properly for CLI-based Java launcher on Windows
  • Fixed <launchBrowser> not properly working on some Windows environments
  • Fixed builder recent files not correctly saved with paths including non-ascii symbols


InstallBuilder 16.1.0 Released.

We recently released version 16.1.0 of BitRock InstallBuilder. The new release features the following improvements:
  • Improved LZMA/LZHAM ultra compression settings in CD-ROM mode
  • Improved Windows icons handling to support arbitrary sizes
  • Fixed AutoUpdate not properly exiting after launching updates in unattended mode
  • Improved <getProcessUsingPort> action
  • New <osxDmgTitle> project property
  • Added new options 'nativeAbsolutize' and 'nativize' to <pathManipulation> action
  • Make Action Groups show their <explanation> in the builder GUI tree if non empty
  • New project property <windowsDPIAware> to allow configuring the dpiAware Windows executable manifest setting
  • POTENTIAL INCOMPATIBILITY: Disabled UPX compression by default on Windows
  • Updated documentation
  • Made <runAsShell> a Linux-only property
  • Fixed <unpackFile> action not properly working on CD-ROM mode
  • Fixed HTML widgets not properly handling mouse clicks on non-qt modes


InstallBuilder 15.10.1 Released.

We recently released version 15.10.0 of BitRock InstallBuilder. The new release features the following improvements:
  • Added option <runAsShell> to use a specific shell with <runProgram>
  • Fixed internal XML tag being incorrectly serialized in <runProgram> action


InstallBuilder 15.10.0 Released.

We recently released version 15.10.0 of BitRock InstallBuilder. The new release features the following improvements:
  • Fixed HTTPS downloads sometimes not working correctly when proxy is enabled
  • Fixed builder proxy preferences dialog not always properly saving its data
  • Fixed issues with OS X signing in some Linux environments
  • Fixed ${required_diskspace} in CD-ROM mode
  • Improved license page look and feel on OS X 10.11 when running in Qt mode
  • Improved <autodetectJava> action to use the full detected version when ordering its results
  • Fixed installers throwing an unknown error when trying to enable/disable components inside a component group from command line
  • Fixed component selection page losing focus when enabling components


InstallBuilder 15.9.0 Released.

We recently released version 15.1.0 of BitRock InstallBuilder. The new release features the following improvements:
  • Added support for Windows 10 and OS X 10.11
  • Allow <httpGet> and <httpPost> actions to configure extra HTTP headers
  • Added new <logFileTimeStampFormat> to allow configuring the timestamp format for the default log messages
  • Added Azerbaijani, Basque, Persian, Indonesian, Kazakh, Turkmen and Vietnamese languages to InstallBuilder
  • Added SNI support for HTTPS connections
  • New installer_pid built-in variable
  • New <pwd> action to allow retrieving the current working directory
  • Added <abandonProcessGroup> setting to <createOSXService> action
  • Allow using a proxy when time stamping Windows installers signing
  • Improved proxy settings handling in HTTPS connections
  • Improved detection of Debian 8 and CentOS 7 platforms
  • Improved <userTest> detection of domain accounts
  • Improved permissions handling in <zip> and <unzip> action
  • Improved uninstaller creation to avoid issues with antivirus software on Windows
  • Silenced debug messages printed to console when calling <launchBrowser> action on Linux
  • Fixed incorrect default values for <hostValidation> and <portTest> rules
  • Fixed Linux legacy mode failing in parallel decompression mode
  • Fixed cmd+c/cmd+v bindings on OS X when running in Qt mode
  • Fixed <booleanParameterGroup> not properly accepting input in text mode after providing incorrect values
  • Fixed <infoParameter> not properly expanding vertically in Qt mode
  • Fixed building of downloadable components not properly calculating the number of cores in the machine
  • Fixed <choiceParameterGroup> enabling focus to disabled child parameters
  • Fixed CDROM mode failing in some environments
  • Fixed conditional slide images rules not being properly recalculated after changes
  • Fixed <showProgressDialog> text wrapping not being properly calculated in GTK mode
  • Fixed memory leak in XML manipulation actions
  • Fixed <showProgressDialog> not properly displayed in GTK unattended with dialogs mode
  • Fixed top translucent menu on OS X when running in Qt mode
  • Fixed unzip action not properly working on some scenarios when running on AIX
  • Fixed platform_install_prefix not always using the 64bit program files path when enabling <windows64bitMode>


InstallBuilder 15.1.0 Released.

We recently released version 15.1.0 of BitRock InstallBuilder. The new release features the following improvements:
  • Allow signing Windows and OS X installers on Windows, Linux and OS X
  • Support DMG with custom backgrounds creation on Windows, Linux and OS X
  • Improved LZMA/LZMA-ultra compression and decompression speed
  • New compression algorithms LZHAM and LZHAM-ultra
  • Fixed splash screen not properly refreshed on Fedora 21
  • Improve <copyFile> action to merge directories on destination
  • Allow specifying specific products in <antivirusTest> rule
  • Allow searching in the Builder tree
  • Fixed Builder GUI popups not being big enough to accommodate all settings in some cases
  • Fixed Qt mode glitches in OS X 10.10
  • Fixed LZMA-Ultra compression error when building in directories with spaces


InstallBuilder 9.5.5 Released.

We recently released version 9.5.4 of BitRock InstallBuilder. The new release features the following improvements:
  • Fixed installers failing on some RHEL/CentOS 7 environments when running in text mode
  • Fixed slide images not always being properly refreshed on xwindow mode


InstallBuilder 9.5.4 Released.

We recently released version 9.5.4 of BitRock InstallBuilder. The new release features the following improvements:
  • Improved parameters wrapping on gtk mode
  • Added new installer_http_code built-in variable to retrieve the result of HTTP actions
  • Improved performance unpacking folders with a large number of files
  • Reduced time spent in files to pack calculation at build time
  • Reduced TLS initialization time on Windows
  • Added <logonType> to <addScheduledTask> action
  • Added RHEL 7 platform detection
  • Improved <copyFile> action to allow overwriting directories on destination
  • Allow configuring the <username> for which <addUnixDesktopStartUpItem> will add the startup item
  • Allow configuring look and feel behaviour of unselected options in <choiceParameterGroup> parameters
  • Improved component selection page to properly scale with wide installers
  • Fixed issues loading some PNG images on CentOS 7
  • Fixed gtk mode failing to start on RHEL/CentOS 7
  • Fixed encoding errors in environment-manipulation actions
  • Fixed Qt installers not being properly set on top of other windows when launched on some OS X environments